Bespoke Stained Glass

spiral stained glasss window of the thanksgiving chapel in dallas

Bespoke Stained Glass

We are renowned for quality materials & quality design. We only use top of the range materials within the glass industry in order to produce something that will last you a lifetime. We only ever work with high-quality materials (the best in fact) imported in from around the globe. As a result, we are able to provide a vast array of styles to suit all kinds of tastes & decor. From traditional hand-rolled glass, renowned for its colour and texture, to modern patterned and treated safety glass, our palette is still unmatched by anyone else.


Providing there is enough depth of rebate, any of our work can be double or triple-glazed or encapsulated into sealed units, protecting your stained glass from the elements and cutting down on heat loss from your premises. We can also remove your existing glass and prepare it for glazing into new wooden or UPVC windows.

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Does your stain glass window need repairing?

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