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Stained Glass Restoration

We specialise in the repair, restoration and conservation of stained glass.

​If the window has a small amount of damage, then it may be possible to repair it we can remove the stained glass window completely from the frame or repair your window on-site, saving money, time and possible damage to the frame or the stained glass.

Window Releading

If a panel is badly damaged, the best way to restore the stained glass will be to remove it from the frame and bring it back to our workshop for releading. The frame will be boarded up with a board cut to the same size as the stained glass and fitted into the frame rebate.

Releading is where we take apart the stained glass panel, clean the glass pieces and remake using new leads. Any broken pieces are also replaced. The panel can then be fitted back into the existing frame using steel strengthening bars if required.

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Does your stain glass window need repairing?

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